Loose lay vinyl flooring has gained a great deal of popularity in the recent years. There are several reasons for investing in vinyl flooring. It’s beautiful to look at, is available in a variety of designs, is durable and what’s more is great value for money. Since it’s quite economical it’s popular with everyone who wants to make home improvements without having to break the bank.

Loose lay vinyl planks are an innovative flooring options because these don’t require any sort of adhesive to be attached to the floor. All that’s need to be done is to place the planks strategically on the floor and these remain there until it’s time to remove and replace with new flooring. These planks come with a rubber backing which allows it to be easy on the feet as well unlike hard flooring. It can be placed on the existing floor without a great deal of preparation.

It’s popular in both residential homes as well as commercial spaces like department stores and offices. The following is a list of pros of loose lay vinyl flooring as well as its disadvantages.

The advantages of loose lay vinyl flooring

  • It’s easy to install. Imagine not having to wit ages for any sort of home improvement. You like a flooring option, you simply call in the professionals and have installed in less than a day. No dust, no debris and no cleaning up at all. Everything happens quickly and effectively. What more could you ask for.
  • You can remove the flooring and reinstall it elsewhere. It is as simple as that. Since there is no adhesive holding the vinyl on to the floor, it’s very easy to have it removed and placed elsewhere.
  • It doesn’t expand and contract with the weather changes. Wooden floors usually expand and contract with the changes in weather. Since its less probe to moisture you can have the vinyl flooring look as good as new, year after year.
  • It doesn’t respond to dampness and therefore is best used for spaces such as washrooms and the kitchen.
  • Vinyl flooring is a great option for theater rooms or music rooms simply because there is some padding underneath the vinyl. This creates somewhat of a vacuum and prevents the sound from travelling to the next floor.
  • Another advantage is that it’s available in such a variety of designs and colors. There is bound to be a design which impresses you.

The cons

  • Vinyl floors are only available in plank form. This can make the installation somewhat complicated. However, when done by a professional the same can be done in no time at all.
  • Since it doesn’t require adhesives most home owners decide to install these on their own. The result may not be as aesthetic as it would have been when installed professionally.
  • When exposed to areas of high traffic the flooring can develop seams. It’s better for homes which have a few people living in it.

Despite these few disadvantages, loose vinyl flooring can be a great option for people who are looking for a economical and aesthetic flooring option.

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