Transforming your old home into a new one isn’t as difficult as you may have been told. Many people resort to renovations stripping their wooden or stone floors completely and replacing them with new ones after a period of a few years approximating a decade more or less. This is usually not the recommended way to renew floors and turns out to be a waste of perfectly wood or stone that can still be revived.

As with most things, wooden floors tend to age and appear unclean while being covered in scratches and showing discolorations with time and usage. Stone floors tend to alter in their mineral composition depending on the temperature and climate of the area which drastically changes their appearance making them look blanched or dull. The good news is that most floors of various materials can easily be restored by professional services providing floor sanding and polishing situated close to you in your city, Brisbane.

If these terms are new to you, let me explain briefly the basic terminologies and the processes for better understanding. Floor sanding and floor polishing are two different floor maintenance services and one can happen without the other, it can also be done in a way where floor sanding happens first and is followed by floor polishing.

Floor sanding, as the name suggests, refers to using various sanding machines that will remove the top most layer of the floor material. Floor sanding makes your floors as good as new. This exposes new-looking material underneath which can be conditioned and polished to your liking.

Floor sanding conventionally starts from a coarse grit to a medium grit, finally finishing with a fine grit. Basic preliminary measures include leveling the floors, removing protruding items such as nails that may damage the sanding machine, removing furniture and wall decorations that can gather sand dust and draping windows or fireplaces to safeguard them from the same.

The center of the floor is sanded first and then the sides of the room are sanded using an edger sanding machine with corners either being catered to by a hand scraper or by a detailed sanding machine. After this, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed to pick up residual sawdust and a buffer is used to merge the edges between the central part of the floor and the borders. Woods of different kinds need different types of sanding machines as well as coarseness, depending on the density and type of the wood. It is important for your floor consultant to note the specifications before any service is carried out so that the best results are achieved. A good job of floor sanding and polishing can revive floors more than ten years old and have effects that last for another twenty at least.

Newly sanded floors can then be polished by a floor polisher with the aid of special chemicals, wood stains and varnishes to remove deep discolorations and can also change the color of the floor to a new one for a change. These steps of floor sanding and polishing available in Brisbane are the answer to your re-modelling queries. They are quick, easy and leave you falling in love with your new floor all over again.

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