Normally we don’t find ourselves giving a great deal of thought to our toilets. If something goes wrong, we usually try to resolve it only then. An over flowing toilet is no joke and can get anyone into a jam for not knowing what to do. The experts at plumbing services in Gold coast have the following words of advice for people looking to fix a clogged toilet. While all of these technique can actually help get rid of the clogged drains, but care must be taken to seek professional help as well.

Why is your toilet clogged?

A toilet can become clogged because of any of the following reasons:

  • Low water supply to the pipes in the toilet
  • Too much waste accumulated in the toilet
  • Something stuck down the drain like a toy or any other object stuck in the drain
  • A blocked vent
  • Problem in the sewage lines

If your toilet is clogged because of the above mentioned reason you may want to resolve the issue immediately with the help of the following

Try to stop the overflow

A toilet which is over flowing can cause anyone to become panicked. Knowing what to do can surely keep the anxiety at bay. Once the water starts seeping in, it may be difficult to control the over flow. The key is to get things done before anything drastic ever happens.

Try to turn off the water supply. Mop up whatever has spilled onto the floor to keep the area clean from bacteria.

Get the plunger to work

Once you have stopped the overflow, you should get your hands on the plunger. Using the right kind of plunger is crucial. Don’t go about using a sink plunger for a toilet. It won’t be of any use and wouldn’t help resolve the issue. A flange plunger which has a higher suction should be used. It can be inserted easily into the drain and creates better suction and can easily help get rid of the clog.

Use an enzyme cleaner

If plunging doesn’t resolve the issue, you may want to use an enzyme cleaner. Refrain from using liquid chemical drain clearing products. While these may help resolve the issue temporarily, in the long run could actually cause a great deal of damage. The internal structures like the pipe may burst if too much cleaner is added to it. Instead choosing an enzyme cleaner is a better option. While it may not get to work immediately and needs to be kept in the toilet overnight, it can actually help unclog the drain safely and effectively.

An auger might help

Despite using the drain opener you see no progress, it’s time to get an auger. The auger can easily get into hard to reach areas and actually help remove the clog. Just make sure to maneuver the auger gently to get rid of the blockage.

If despite all of the above mentioned fail to get results you would need to call in the plumbing services available in Gold Coast.

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