You’re probably wondering what happened to your ordered watch after receiving a phone alert of “package delivered.” Yet, the package seems to be missing from your doorstep when you get home. Maybe it was delivered to the wrong address in Brisbane?

You order again and repeat the whole rigmarole. Again, like the first time, the package is missing. Family members have not seen your package and it was not accidentally delivered to your neighbours when asked. Where’s your package?

The best thing to decide how to install your security cameras.

DIY or Pro Security Camera Installation

DIY installation

Going the DIY route is possible after you’ve purchased the equipment. The latest security camera versions on the market today make them easy to install. The various security camera models can either be attached to the wall of a room or even use an adhesive to stick it on the table.

Pro Installation

Everything needed to install security cameras in or out of your home can be quickly and correctly installed by a professional tech. Opting for the whole package of integrating your home security system to home security cameras is a worthy investment when it comes to securing and protecting your loved ones, valuables, and property.

Security Camera Placement and Purpose

Installing security cameras is not only for protection from break-ins and burglars. Some of the important purposes of security cameras are for you to know people who visited while you were not around or check deliveries. Checking on pets and members of the family is another purpose for some people to install security cameras in their homes. The best way to get the right type of security cameras is to know its purpose for you to plan the proper placement of them.

Indoor installation

Finding the perfect spot before plugging and turning it on are the easy steps in installing security cameras indoors. While you’re at it, it’s best as well to sync the cameras with your desktop or mobile app.

Indoor security camera models range from simple to the more complex. The complex ones would require drilling while the simple models only need screws.

A high shelf or corner is the best place to install indoor security cameras. Doing it this way affords a decent field of view of the room. This is also the smartest place to hide the camera from burglars.

Outdoor installation

Places that look over a back or front porch or above the garage door are the best places to install an outdoor security camera. Make sure that a large and clear view is what you get as you install a garage camera. Doorbell cameras are great options to go for when you want to look and capture all the action happening in your walkway or driveway.

Security Camera Power Options

Security cameras gave three power options, to include:

  • The Battery-powered camera that runs off a battery pack. They have no power cords and often referred to as wireless cameras.
  • Wireless connection to the internet but needs power cord to keep it running. They are often referred to as wired because of the power cord requirement.
  • A security camera that needs to be attached to both the internet and power.

At the end of the day, the installation of security cameras in your home will enable you to know the culprit behind your missing package.

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