Alas, it would be nice to have someone clean for us, but almost always we are forced to personally take care of cleaning the house . Those who have found themselves in this situation know: cleaning is not as simple as it might seem. They need a lot of elbow grease and the right products for cleaning the house .

But it is at this point that things get complicated: the products on the market are innumerable, there are famous brands and less famous brands. But a product of fame does not always correspond to quality products to achieve our goal, ie find the best product to clean the house .

In this article we present a simple guide to the choice of products for cleaning the house , designed for all those who went to live alone.

Spring, let’s go. It’s time to clean up
The new season is approaching and this is a good time to think about cleaning. We can think of choosing a generic product, but we risk not obtaining the desired results. Every room in the house is destined for different activities and for this it can present different types of dirt . The dirt in the kitchen, for example, is quite different from what you can find in the bathroom. Furthermore, not all environments are cleaned with the same frequency. For example, while the kitchen is cleaned daily, the salon has longer intervals between cleaning sessions.

For these reasons we have decided to divide the house according to the most typical environments:

the kitchen : it is the environment that is cleaned more frequently. Presents metal surfaces. The fat is the typical dirt
the bathroom is generally cleaned twice a week. Presents ceramic surfaces. Bacteria are the danger to be eliminated in this environment
the salon : it is the environment that is cleaned less frequently. Presents absorbent surfaces. The dust is the type most likely dirt.
Ready? Let’s start!

Products for kitchen cleaning
The kitchen is an environment that is used daily. Whether used for cooking or as a living room, it must be cleaned frequently, even three times a day.

The main challenge of the kitchen is to eliminate the residues of fat produced during the preparation of food. However, it may be necessary to remove limescale stains that make the sink opaque, and, in severe cases, impede the flow of water. Finally, if you have a metal kitchen, you should use a specific product for stainless steel .

Household cleaning products to remove grease stains are degreasing detergents . Fry, oil, tomato sauce, and things like that do not go away with water. Try to remove grease residues with a wet cloth: you will only get to spread everything on the surface. No, our goal is to remove grease stains with a suitable product .

In fact, fat does not bind in any way with water. A good degreaser reverses this phenomenon and in fact allows water to trap fat molecules and take them away.

There are various remedies to remove limestone stains . To remove limestone our grandmothers used vinegar! The vinegar contains acetic acid, an acid capable of breaking down the molecules formed by calcium, oxygen and carbon at the base of the limestone. However, vinegar is not very effective. For more resistant limescale deposits, use a specific anti- scale product . Try it, you will not do it for less!

After degreasing and cleaning, unpleasant stains may remain on the steel surfaces of your kitchen. To eliminate this problem you can use a product to polish the stainless steel .

Products for cleaning the bathroom
Cleaning the bathroom is a delicate matter. Because of the delicate activities that take place there, it is good to use specific products for sanitary cleaning . Agood product, in addition to performing a degreasing and disincrusting action, must also disinfect the surfaces, eliminating mold, soap residues and organic residues.

To complete the cleaning operation it is also good to use an anti-limescale product able to polish the sanitary ware, remove soap residues and remove the opaque halo from the ceramic.

Salon cleaning products
The cleaning of the salon generally takes place once a week. As a representative environment, the salon is less used, compared to other environments. Very often, moreover, the living room is paved with precious materials such as terracotta or porcelain stoneware.

These are porous materials , which absorb dirt and do not let it go. If after a dinner with your friends you have poured a glass of wine, and look for a product for cleaning the house to clean the tiled floor , choose a stain remover for absorbent floors : remove the stain and protect the floor. There is a smarter way to avoid such tragedies: to carry out a treatment on terracotta . The terracotta treatments are done a couple of times a year, creating a protective patina that closes the pores of the terracotta and makes it impervious to stains. In this way, the terracotta of your living room will not stain and will be easy to clean!

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