Plumbing maintenance is pretty simple and easy. Failure to maintain the plumbing can result in an emergency which could mean having to spend hundreds of dollars for an issue which could have been prevented altogether.

The following plumbing maintenance tips from 24 hour plumbers in Melbourne can help ward off any emergency.

  • Create a schedule. Jot down all the maintenance issues you would be dealing with on a regular basis. Having a list means you wouldn’t miss out on any of those issues. Make sure you keep track of all the inspections and minor repairs.
  • Make sure you check all the pipes in your home for leaks. Even minor leaks should be looked into. Failure to repair these leaks could result in a major leak which could be a plumbing emergency.
  • If you see water stains on the walls make sure you look into those and cl in the help of a 24 hour plumber. The water stains could be a result of internal seepage and leakage, which in the long run can cause rusting of the pipes.
  • Prevent drains from clogging by making sure you keep the debris from plates and pans away from the sink in the kitchen. Also prevent hair from clogging the drain by laying down a mesh net on the drains to catch all the hair which falls into the shower drain.
  • If a drain appears clogged make sure to use a plunger. A few plunges would take care of the blockage. Do not use harsh chemicals. While they may clear the drain they can result in long term damage of the drain pipes. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda works wonders as well. It can clear blockages when emptied into the drains at least once a month.
  • Also make sure you clean the faucets and shower heads on a regular basis. The sediments from soap and water can build up which would cause the water to stop from flowing freely.
  • Water heaters should be maintained properly. Some of the most costly repairs are for water heaters. Make sure you call in a plumber to checkup on the water heater at least once a year. This means that any small problems can be looked into immediately.
  • The only stuff going down the flush is human waste and toilet paper. Besides that anything else can clog the flush and turn into a major problem and one which you wouldn’t want to endure ever. Flushing down any other debris down the drain or plastic wraps etc. can result in costly repairs.
  • Avoid pouring acid into the drains. This can cause the pipe to burst and it could be difficult to handle such a problem without the help of an emergency plumber. Clean the toilet using gentle detergents.

However, sometimes despite following all the proper measures there are certain plumbing issues which can come up. Don’t worry because there are 24 Hour plumbers available in Melbourne. Be sure to always keep their phone number.

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