There are several things one needs to consider when planning for an outdoor marquee event. Due to the technicalities involved, which include costs, power supply, number of guests, and even weather considerations,  you may need to hire an expert or a company that deals with marquees.

 Here are some factors to consider when planning an outdoor marquee event:

1. Number of Guests

The number of guests is one of the most significant factors that you must consider when planning your outdoor marquee. The size of the marquee, the kitchen set-up, and utensils to be used will depend on the expected attendance. An outdoor marquee is far better in terms of costs and space as compared with other venues like resorts and hotels, which limit the number of people that might want to attend.  I would advise that you set your marquee in an open field as this will get rid of worries about the numbers that may visit, especially if there are enough seats for them.

2.         Venue

The venue is usually the second thing after knowing the likely number of people who may attend your event. This could be an open field, on the beach upcountry, or even at home. Once you decide on the venue, let the experts take the rest of the work, of course, with consultations. Adjustments can always be made in case of any change in terms of the number of attendance or change of venue.

3.         Predict the Weather

What will you do about the weather? Consider what to do when the weather changes. You may include umbrellas in the invitation if the weather prediction is rainy, or provide other walkways for guests to walk through to the main marquee.

4. Uninterruptible Power supply

If your outdoor marquee site is away from the power source, consider where you will get a power supply from. Try setting your marquee near the source of power, which might be near a house. Ensure that you will have power plugs and sockets properly installed close to areas that will require power. The areas that will require power in large amounts include kitchen, dance floor, and lighting the entire venue. If the site for any reason is away from the power source, plan to have power generators in place. Remember, the success of your event will highly depend on the smooth flow of the event programme. Otherwise, power interruption may compromise this success.

5.         Cost and affordability

An outdoor marquee is much cheaper compared to other venues like hotels and indoor places. Save on this expense by installing marquees and direct that money to food and refreshments. Since you will serve food to your guests, set the kitchen and catering facilities together with your marquee. Where the marquee is in an open field, set a field kitchen attached to the marquee. This makes it easy to access the catering service while guests enjoy the continuing events.

Looking at the above highlighted factors, outdoor marquees from Outdoor Instant Shelters are the best options for events compared to other venues, the only part that may cost you more is power supply, but the cash you save from hiring hotels and indoor podiums will cover on the power supply and still be the best option. I would advise any person, group, or institution to consider using an outdoor marquee for best results, especially with unlimited guest attendance.

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