Once you see termites on your property, there are two safe conclusions you can make. First, they will not go away unless you make an effort to get rid of them. They will eat at your wood until it is completely damaged and they still won’t leave until there is nothing more to eat.

Second, once you see one, you should know that thousands are working in the shadows. What these two conclusions should tell you is that there is a need to seek the services of professional termite inspectors before these tiny insects cause considerable damage to your property.

When you do decide to find an inspection company, several factors come to play in determining who to hire. These factors include;

  1. Pricing – find a service that is within your budget but don’t compromise on quality to save money. You should view this hire as a long-term investment since once you get the termite inspection done, you will have solved your problem.
  2. Services offered – you need to clearly outline your needs and seek a pest inspection companies that provide what you require. Specifying requirements will help you narrow down your search.
  3. Reviews and referrals – you need to find a company that has experience in termite inspection on the Gold Coast. You can either use referrals from friends or families or go online. With online candidates, you need to go through customer reviews and feedback to determine the quality of services you get.
  4. Eco-friendly solutions – the materials they use to get rid of the termites should only affect the target species. Watch out for companies that use substances that trigger reactions such as allergies.

Write down the specifications of the services you want and use the list to determine who you will hire. You should find someone you are comfortable with.

The Process of Termite Inspection

Once you engage the company of choice, there are several things they do before completing the process. First, they come for an onsite inspection to gauge the damage caused by termites and how widespread the issue is. This helps them come up with a quotation that is accurate and reliable.

Then, they embark on treating the infestation, by getting rid of termites, destroying breeding and nesting grounds and renovating the damaged area. The amount of time the process takes is dependent on how far the damage has spread.

After completing the treatment, pest inspection companies offer advice on how to prevent further damage and what to look out for. Although most of the companies will assure you that the infestation will not reoccur, they ensure they offer you a guarantee that if it does, they will come to solve the problem. They then put strategies in place that prevent reoccurrence.

Pest Inspection Reports

Having a documented step by step report of the inspection helps guide the company on the areas to cover, and it enables you to understand what services you are receiving and why. The report will also come in handy when the infestation reoccurs, or you decide to sell the property. Real estate agents find pest inspection reports highly beneficial in reassuring clients of the quality of the house they are purchasing.

The report contains:

  1. Areas that have been inspected
  2. Concern areas
  3. Past and present details of termite infestation
  4. Evidence
  5. Recommendations on treatment

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